The 2023 Royal Port Moresby Golf Club (RPMGC) Championship Awards

July 16, 2023

The 2023 Royal Port Moresby Golf Club (RPMGC) Championship 2023, sponsored by Ela Motors, recently concluded on a high note on Sunday, July 16th. The event spanned two consecutive weekends and saw a great turnout of corporate partners and RPMGC members.

Ela Motors Fixed Operations General Manager, Philip Sweeney, presented awards to the new champions for 2023, Gideon Tikili and Wari Winchcombe, for the men’s and women’s divisions, respectively.

Both winners expressed gratitude to Ela Motors for sponsoring the event and providing great prizes for the 2023 RPMGC members and corporate partners for their remarkable results throughout the tournament. The EF2600 Yamaha Generator, along with a trophy, was awarded to each winner as a prize.

The second runner-up in both divisions received two awards which included Trophies, TJM merchandise and Yamaha Golf Bags, Ela Motors wristwatches, and other exciting consolation prizes.

Ela Motors is committed to advancing the championship as the primary sponsor and is excited to support RPMGC for this occasion. In addition, they have also secured sponsorship for the club champs for the next two years.

Ela Motors also acknowledged all club members for their participation in making the event a success. Overall, the 2023 RPMGC Championship was a great success, and the winners and participants are looking forward to next year’s event.