Ela Motors PNG: Celebrates Yamaha Day with Dealerships – Nationwide

July 5, 2023

As we celebrate the 68th anniversary of Yamaha Day, we are reminded of the exceptional quality and reliability of Yamaha’s marine and power products.

Yamaha is more than just a brand or a product; it is an integral part of our communities, families and economy. Yamaha has played a significant role in nation-building, bringing light to places where power cannot go and moving people from the outmost parts of the nation.

This is all thanks to a dedicated team within all respective dealers. When you sell a Yamaha product, you are not just selling a product; you are selling an achievement, a development in our customers’ lives and contributing to our nation-building.

Yamaha has always remained committed to providing outstanding products and services that exceed customer expectations.

Whether you’re on the water or land, you can trust in the performance of Yamaha’s innovative products. Yamaha has brought light to the farthest corners of the nation and helped people reach new heights.

We celebrate Yamaha Day and its 68 years of excellence and continue to appreciate the remarkable contributions that Yamaha has made to our lives and our nation.

Yamaha – “Revs your heart”.