Ela Motors – PNG achieved 1,000 Days Without Traffic Incidents

March 1, 2023

On the 1st of February 2023, Toyota Tsusho Papua New Guinea (TTPNG) t/a Ela Motors reached a milestone in safety; it achieved 1,000 days without Traffic incidents by our fault. This outstanding achievement is possible because of the entire organization and staff commitment to safety. It demonstrates Safety is our number one priority, is at the top of our core values and is an integral part of our operations.


Ela Motors CEO Mitsuyoshi Okutsu congratulated Ela Motors PNG staff on the excellent result and record. “I felt it was not possible to eliminate traffic incidents by our fault 3 years ago, but we did eliminate traffic incidents by our fault for the last 1,000 days. This was achieved through your efforts by focusing on traffic safety”. The CEO thanked everyone for their untiring efforts every day to do safe & quality operations including safe driving.


He further stated, “while this is a tremendous and well-earned accomplishment, we are not perfect yet, we still have minor incidents, so we need more attention on our behaviors. We need to have a safety-first mindset. Let us try to eliminate even any minor incidents”.


The event was commemorated with a luncheon for all staff and issuance of ANZEN Achievement Banner on 1,000 Days Without Traffic Incidents to Head Offices and 16 Dealerships to display on site.