TTC Chairman visits Ela motors PNG

October 20, 2023

Ela Motors PNG had the honour of hosting a visit from Toyota Tsusho Corporation Group CEO/Chairman Nobuhiko Murakami, accompanied by his Secretary, Kyoji Nishimura, and the Managing Director for Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific Singapore, Hikori Nakayama on the 18th-19th October 2023.

It was the first time that Murakami san and his colleagues visited TTPNG. During their visit, Ela Motors CEO Mitsuyoshi Okutsu shared insights into the company’s operations and achievements, highlighting the 60th anniversary of Toyota Tsusho’s operation. Murakami san expressed his sincere appreciation and commended Ela Motors for its exceptional sales and customer service efforts.

The staff and management team was impressed by the Chairman’s visit and appreciated his presence on site followed by a presentation of PNG themed bilums along with Gold and Silver Bird of Paradise frames to each of them in hierarchical manner.

The itinerary included a tour of the Pom Badili and Wagani dealerships, meet & greet with employees, and a visit to the Japanese Embassy and Port Moresby Nature Park.

The final stop was a visit to the nature park, providing the CEO with a deeper appreciation for the natural beauty of PNG.