A primary student from PNG wins in the 16th Toyota Dream Car World Art Contest

September 8, 2023

James Tara, a 15-year-old artist in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, whose artwork, the Toyota Argonaut has won in the 16th Toyota Dream Car World Art Contest. James’ artwork was selected as the Best Finalist Winner under Category 3. As a supplementary prize winner, James was awarded 3,000 US dollars intended for educational purposes along with an Award Certificate Shield from Toyota Motor Corporation.

The award ceremony was held in Port Moresby – Ela Motors Badili Showroom, in the presence of the Ela Motors CEO, Mitsuyoshi Okutsu. Mr. Okutsu praised James for his remarkable efforts and creativity, particularly the environmentally friendly concept of the artwork.

James drew a heavy-duty vehicle designed for the difficult road conditions in Papua New Guinea, featuring a solar panel. Mr. Okutsu stated that the concept has the potential to become a model for the future design of Toyota’s Land Cruiser. He also expressed his pride in having an artist from PNG win the worldwide contest, making James the first artist from his country to win the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest.

The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest has been a platform for young artists worldwide to showcase their creativity and imagination. With the impressive 782,852 entries submitted from 90 countries and regions around the world, this year proved to be a great success and serves as a beacon of hope for the future of art and design.

Winner’s Remark:

I am so grateful to Toyota – Ela Motors for giving me the chance to showcase my talent in drawing.
Winning this award has left a huge impact on my experience participating in this well-respected competition.
I want to express my sincere appreciation to Toyota for their support in encouraging young people to embrace eco-friendly Toyota cars for the future.
The prize money will help me cover my educational costs, including tuition fees.
Aside from drawing, I also enjoy playing sports and digital graphic design. When it comes to cars, I believe that the vehicles of the future should be comfortable, safe, and, most importantly, environmentally friendly.
Thank you again, Toyota, for your support!

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