Ela Motors Supports NCD Motu Koitabu Small Sea Craft

May 24, 2022

The National Capital District Commission and Motu Koita Assembly Small Sea Craft Registration Board (NCDC-MKA SCRB) were pleased to receive a donation of a Toyota double cab utility vehicle from Ela Motors.

This vehicle is donated to support NCDSCA’s effort to carry out awareness programs along the NCD and Central coastline. The president of the NCDSCA, Ryan Pini, thanked Ela Motors for this generous support stating the donation is a relief for the committee to boost their daily operations. Mr Pini also extended an invitation to Ela Motors to participate in future small sea craft awareness programs and activities.

Ela Motors Badili Sales Manager Ligo Augerea presented the vehicle keys acknowledged that the company values and appreciates the effort NCDSCA is running to educate and train local communities on the importance of small sea craft. Through the Corporate Social Responsibility Assistance program, Ela Motors is proud to offer this assistance as part of its CSR annual commitment.