Ela Motors Funds the Salvation Army 2022 Adult Literacy Program

April 26, 2022

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. This was quoted by The Salvation Army Colonel Garth Niemand prior to receiving a donation of K18, 000.00 from Ela Motors.

Colonel Garth Niemand was thrilled to see Ela Motors leading as a responsible automotive company encouraging and providing support through funding educational programs for the marginalized group of people who do not have access to education.

“We understand that Ela Motors takes Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. We acknowledge your good citizenship, this donation and for trusting the Salvation Army to implement the Literacy Program. Thank you very much and we look forward to continuing the partnership.”

The Ela Motors National Marketing Manager Benjamin Niligur said the company aspires to help elevate the living standards and develop human resource through education by assisting the organizations such as Salvation Army, through its CSR program, with funding that will benefit the people and communities. The funding will help facilitate the implementation of The Salvation Army 2022 Adult Literacy Program.

The Territorial Literacy Coordinator Moale Rotona was glad to acknowledge the support from Ela Motors and expressed his gratitude.

  “Your funding is of great impact to the program and the recipients. It will enable us to facilitate the literacy program and conduct teachers’ training to reach out to the marginalized communities.”