BOU Resources Development Co-operative Society wins the 2021 Ela Motors SME of the Year Award

October 8, 2021

The 2021 Ela Motors SME of the Year Award has been awarded to BOU Resources Development Co-operative Society. This was announced at the 2021 PNG SME awards night held at the APEC Haus in Port Moresby on the 25th of September 2021.

The Acting CEO of Ela Motors Mr. Eymard Joseph was pleased to announce the winning SME Business and advised the following: “On Behalf of our CEO Mr. Mitsuyoshi Okutsu and Ela Motors, I wish to extend our warm greetings and support to this SME program. I would also like to encourage all SMEs to try hard, work hard and you will achieve that success that you are aspiring for”.

In reinforcing its support, Ela Motors had more than doubled the value of the major prize award for this year compared to last year. Mr. Joseph elaborated further that the company’s paramount philosophy is in alignment with GOPNG SME policies, that is to live, prosper and sustainably grow with the people, communities and the county of PNG. Ela Motors recognizes that promoting SME development is a key element in the country’s development strategy and supports it strongly.

“Despite the setbacks and constraints, we also recognize the progress achieved so far in SME development and thank all private sector sponsors for their support as well. Ela Motors will continue to support this program into the future,” Mr. Joseph said.

Since its inaugural inception, the 2021 PNG SME Awards has seen the number of nominations increase in all its awards categories. The event was to recognize excellence, inspire innovation, growth and reward the best performing SME’s around the country.

The Chairman of BOU Resources Development Cooperative Society(BRDCS) & winner of the 2021 PNG SME Awards, Mr. Noah Taugaloidi, expressed his warm appreciation to the SME Magazine in hosting the 2021 PNG SME AWARDS.

He also thanked Ela Motors for sponsoring the Best SME award prize and all the other sponsors of the event for supporting sustainable developing community pathways.
He said “We are humbled by this Award and greatly appreciate your recognition and contributions to not only us at BRDCS but most importantly to all the nominees, awardees and the rural people of PNG who continue to dream big with the hope for a better future for their children and generations to follow. Thank you Ela Motors & thank you to the SME Magazine.”

BRDCS the winner of the grand prize of the Toyota Rush proudly donated by Ela Motors PNG was awarded for their remarkable efforts in promoting and improving sustainable organic farming practices through equal gender opportunities in rural communities for self-reliance and economic prosperity for the local farmers.
The event awarded the top 20 SME’s in various categories ranging from Retail to Building and Construction, ICT, Taxi Operators, Agriculture and etc.